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The classic was designed and built to be functional and easy to use and set up. The Classic can be set up anywhere without the need for trees and such. Small amounts of cover are all that is needed to blend into the surrounding area. Personally, I don’t like to take the time to look for a tree to attach a stand to. Not to mention how long it takes to put up. Game patterns change for different reasons and conditions. This stand enables you to move anywhere you want in a brief amount to time. Try doing that with the others or a box stand.

At FML we strive to ensure that all our product is American made by American craftsmen. You may find another that is less money, but you won’t find a better product. This product has been designed and tested for Quality. Most, if not all manufacturing and engineering is done in the State of Minnesota.

I am 62 years old and a tad over 5’. I have no problem putting this stand up. I have many stories to tell about the one’s that got away and the one’s that didn’t. This stand may not be something that everybody needs, but it sure is something everybody wants.

Thank you much and good hunting. Patrick Ketz

Patrick Ketz
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